A Town In Peril

The group finally made it to the town, but this town is in terrible shape. From one side of the forest they have goblins attacking and from the other side at night the shadows are attacking. They’re only hope was to maybe make a deal with the Solders Of Chaos to protect them. At least until now.

When the group came in feeding them and not asking much of anything in return other then a building to stay in, these people gained a new form of hope. Maybe they have another option. But the real question is whether or not our group of semi evil adventures actually care about helping these people.

That night during watch, Trish decided to hang out on the roof of the building they where staying in. This building just happened to be one of the tallest in town, so you could see pretty much everything from here. After some time she noticed shadowy figures moving into town at a fast speed, so she sent her bird out to see what these things were. The bird came back afraid for its life. What it saw was a creature that was horrifying in appearance murdering a child, among other things.

Trish quickly went inside to tell the others what had been seen and they all went to investigate. Fallowing the trail of blood and then the sounds out into the dark fields, they managed to sneak up on one while it finished it’s meal and kill it before it knew what was happening. After all was said and done, they learned that these so called shadows where actually Reavers. Reavers are supposed to be a thing of stories that parents tell there children so they don’t wonder into dark caves. No one has ever said to of actually seen one, at least not until now.

The next day while deciding what to do, Mathanu made a lady friend whom he found out some interesting details about the mysterious death that he knows to be the copy cat scene killer.

So then as our session comes to an end what will they do? Will the group go and fight these goblins? Will they try to go after the Reavers? Or what about these Solders of Chaos? And we can’t forget the reason they came in the first place, to find the copycat Scene Killer.



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