Back To Basics

After a Goblin attack where Trish mentally tangled a bunch of Goblins on webs and the GM decided she had a found a new spell to hate, Raven over heard Carla and Jerome talking. Seems she is really pushing him to get the remainder of the people in the city to agree to her terms and turn them into solders. Raven suddenly had a moment of deciding to give a damn and decided to knock. Once Carla left him and Jerome started discussing another option for the town and explaining why fallowing a possible evil cult is a very bad idea. They later gathered the group to talk over the plans. Oh and the group now has an additional member, Elf, the raven, Nackles new pet.

Once a plan had been talked over they gathered the people of the city, told them to go pack their things and move into the Tavern. They explained to these people that if they are to stay here they would need to start sticking together. I believe once everyone finished gathering their things and their families we ended up with around 55 people in the tavern. (feel free to correct me if you remember).

That night Revers attempted to attack the tavern, but with the group casting light, the Revers found this magical light alarming and new. They became braver and braver trying to brake the shudders from a distance and then getting closer and closer to the light realizing it wasn’t hurting them. But day became too close and it’s a long hike back home, so they left.

The next day the group began their mission to help save these people. They began by searching the houses on the Revers side of the city and burning down what they didn’t need. Nackle and Trish went through every person testing them for Divine powers and Arcane casting abilities. They found 2 of each. At some point Carla made a visit and had a talk with Mathanu. He made the mistake of being a smart ass to her and so she told him that him and his group needed to be gone before the end of the day or else. She actually managed to scare him. So now they need to start figuring out what to do about Carla and her Chaos Solders.



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