Let It Burn!

After surviving the Reavers, Nackle realizes that his leg is not healing with healing spells and determines that the Reavers infected him with a disease. The wound was spreading, becoming blackened, and making the limb unusable. Right after Raven suggest amputating his leg they hear a voice from the shadows, but do not see anyone. She tells them that amputation may not be needed and that she may be able to help. She then tells them that she is only coming out of hiding if they promise not to kill her on sight. This leads t Raven asking her if she is a Drow. She says no, but Raven and Mathanu definitely since hesitation in her voice. None the less, they agree not to kill her.

They carefully take Nackle to the tavern where everyone else is staying and have recently been through a Reaver attack. Here they learn the strangers name is Thea and that the Reavers are somewhat fire resistant along with the fact that the fire is actually drawing more of them to this town. Thea preforms surgery on the leg carefully cutting the wound trying like hell not to cut anything that would permanently damage the leg. During her doing this Mathanu and Raven decide their best bet at helping these people is to burn the whole town down and move these people somewhere else, which they proceed to do that very night.

The next day they have a town meeting and ultimately decide the safest place to take these people is Bangton. They chose to hike around the lake on the opposite side of where the goblins are. They have roughly a week-week and a half of travel time. The very first night met with hilariousness while Mathanu tried to go make a kill to feed his hungry artifact and Nackle and Trish decide Mathanu is sneaking treats and that they must stop him while waking up everyone in the process.

So in the week ahead Mathanu is struggling with a hungry artifact and in need to make a kill while Nackle tries to stop him at every tun, Raven is trying to come up with a plan to get rid of the Reavers by possibly burning down a tainted forest full of poison and luring those of power to this forest, and then Raven and Nackle both flirting with the pretty elf lady Thea, and possibly finding out more information to her backstory.

Now the GM has to actually go build a session for next week because her players have possibly changed the entire campaign from what she thought it was going to be about. I have to say, good job guys.



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