Nackle Made A Kill, Time To Pay Up!

At the end of last session out group found a trap. Nackle and Trish almost walked right into it thanks to their traveling buddies. Raven went ahead and set it off with a stick. Some Goblin Dogs not too far away heard the noise and came running to find nothing trapped, but many tasty humanoids to kill. Thanks to the GM forgetting they where mounted and giving the dogs hast for three rounds, the party almost died. Eventually Nackle and Trish finally dazed and fire balled the dogs causing a forest fire and Mathanu’s death. Thankfully Mathanu has a friend helping him stay alive and a hero point on hand. But because he should had died and it was due to Nackle’s wonderful fireball, Mathanu had to put up to Raven. Oh did I mention there was a small forest fire in all this?

The group sadly lost all their horses and had to back track and steal from the poor travelers that have been attacked and scared. In this, Mathanu and Raven killed four more of their people. If these people survive to the next town it will a miracle.



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