Playing with fire, then huggles (chomp chomp)

After spending a long day searching, burning, and teaching, the group prepared for night fall. They helped the city build a fire around their building to help keep the Revers away. Due to Carla putting a bit of fear into them, they pretended to leave as soon as the fire was built. Mathanu, Nackle, and Trish laid low in a house near the Goblin side of the city while Raven waited near Carla’s home to see if the Revers make a visit to her since they can’t get to the towns people just yet.

After waiting for a bit, Raven got creative. He lit some arrows on fire and started shooting at the roof of her house setting it on fire. If the Revers are having trouble finding them, then this should help out. Carla and her Solders had to move to a new house and weren’t having any luck finding the culprit. Raven decided to continue his burning of her houses until they where moved to a one story house. A tired and frustrated Carla was about had it when the Revers finally did show up. Carla and her men took all their frustration out on these creatures killing them with ease. Raven saw her at one point seem to cast something and then everything around her just dropping. Before leaving Raven set this house on fire too.

Before the Revers attacked Carla, Raven made a visit to his comrades to let them know they need to move houses as there are a lot of houses on fire around the area. They packed their things and began their search for a new location to hide out. After walking for about ten minutes more Revers came out of the shadows ready to comp down. Mathanu heard them in time and ran inside a building. Poor Trish and Nackle didn’t make it in time and got surrounded. With some spells Trish managed to stay one step ahead of the Revers, but poor Nackle finally met him match and the Revers went in for their kill. Just in time Raven showed up ready to help once he got an idea as to what was going on. Sadly he couldn’t see Nackle so close to death, but lucky for them Raven developed what seemed to be a stalker as someone from the roof tops began taking out the Revers hurting Nackle right after Raven made his first shot.

Now that the group has survived, what will they do with this new stranger that seems to of come from out of no where?



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