Pranks Will Be Had

In our first session we picked up right where we left off. The group was stuck in Bangton after Lord Coraway was murdered by the serial killer. The authorities wanted to keep the group for questioning and wanted to be sure it wasn’t one of them, since they where the ones to find the body.

During the first week Thrawn left on a hunt for the killer. He was allowed to leave since he and his partner are lead investigators. They got a tip that the killer could be in Fellet. Not long after he left Munchkin got a note and left with a mysterious stranger during the night. Raven promptly told authorities and let them know that he believed Munchkin could had been the killer.

During the next week Raven got to meet the energetic and chaotic Trish. He promptly introduced her to Nackle which lead to a light show and lots of drinking in the bar area of the restraint on the first floor of their hotel. Mathanu was told to check this out by Raven and so after seeing the pretty light he tried to nicely ask Nackle to stop. This somehow lead them to a prank war (that is still on going) in Mathanu’s room and them all leaving after words since they caused some water damage to the hotel. This group is off to a great start!

After the second week authorities got word from Thrown that there had been another murder by the scene killer in Fellet and they they should release the group immediately. Also thanks to Raven, Thrown and his partner believe Munchkin could be an accomplice to the killer. So he was generously reworded for his in-tell.

After Mathanu convinced the group to chase after this killer they began their journey to Fellet. They chose to take the longer rout through the forest. They ran into a group after the half way point. This group was scared and tired due to being attached by goblins. So Mathanu convinced the group that they where dangerous and made a kill on one of these poor travelers.



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