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Appears human, but seems to age rather slowly.


A very wealthy man who lives in Town Hall located in Maren. He is Mayor of Town Hall in all of the disaster campaigns and in The Sultana Lorit campaign. In the very first disaster campaign he was the one to hire the group to find his daughter in Orions Forest.

In The Sultana Lorit many believe he has information about the location of the Labyrinth. Turned out that he did have some information

In Finding Tellah he is the one who sent out a notice to several different countries around the world to come find the princess. We now know the only reason he did that was because he wanted to find out what the king was up to and he knew if he sent in a group of strong individuals the truth would find it’s way to them.

For Death And It’s Many Faces he may not come into play, but since they are in the same country the chance of him having a role is possible. However, since this campaign is going on around the same time as finding Tellah he is probably pretty busy.


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