Finding Telleh- Mysterious women found prisoner on a pirate ship. She doesn’t remember who she is, but as time goes on she is remembering how to do things without remembering where she learned it. Mainly, she is realizing that she is some sort of a Bard. The group knows there is a reword for her, but have no idea where to turn her in at or who is actually looking for her.

By the end of that campaign the group learned that she is actually Trent’s little sister who had been gone for a very long time. She had been made into an entertainer for the pirates. She escaped a few times. The last time she managed to find Trent. He didn’t even know she was alive till that day, but the pirates found her again. There was a battle and she had severe head damage. When she awoke she was on the ship with no idea as to what happened. Trent went looking for her, but had to also finish the plans to get Tellah away from her father as Trent knew what sort of evil he actually was. He put out a reword for his sister hoping some young adventurers might find her. The Princess took money from the castle without her father knowing to help pay the reword.

Currently she has regained her memories and is trying to help Telleh and Trent put things right again.


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