Race- Illumian


The most powerful wizard in all Edar.

In the original Edar campaign he was backstabbed by his top student Barthamus and given over to a Demon for a deal, but ultimately he became Graz’zt’s new toy and caused the beginning of what seemed to be the end of the world. After his rescue he has begun on a cure for Edar and has sent the Adventures to the Abyss to take care of Graz’zt and his demon worshipers.

After ‘Into the Abyss’, Graz’zt was taken care of. But one of the adventures turned on the party and handed the item over to Tiamat. Now there is a whole new problem.

For the ‘Finding Tellah’ campaign he is helping the adventures with the war that is about to start concerning the chaos gods.

For Death and It’s Many Faces he may make an apperance depending on their actions.


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