Love Is In The Air, But So Is Death

Because I am so behind on these I am just going to put everything from the past three sessions in one log.

On the journey to Bangton City, Raven found himself falling for the half Drow, the Copycat made a kill leaving a cryptic message about treats, and Mithanu found a companion. Oh and then there was the Trish drama and Nackle choosing to keep a big secret from Mithanu. That’s the short version anyways.

So then here is the long version.

Mithanu managed to make his kill to order to feed Alana (his earring) by convincing Nackle he was hunting evil squirrels. The kill was a young teenage boy groping a girl who they found out later was his sister. Trish woke up everyone before morning casting fireballs (I think she was trying to kill squirrels or something) and this ended with them finding the body and Mithanu setting someone up. The set up didn’t fully work, but with some help from Estalon (the doppelganger copycat) everyone was convinced he left. Estalon left tracks leading away into the water.

On another day they ran into some Chaos Soldiers setting up a boat to go into the lake. Seemed like they where looking for something. The group decided to leave them be and not try to make contact with them (another side quest ignored. Oh well)

During the nights Raven and Thea got to know each other finding they had a lot in common. Nackle who was also trying to get to know Thea, thought he had a good chance at winning her over from Raven, but Trish wasn’t having any of that. After a day of Trish giving Thea the cold shoulder and making snarky remarks it finally came down to the two just talking it out. Trish realizing Thea had no interest in stealing anyone away, she finally decided to give Thea a chance and became friends with her. Of course right after having this talk, that night on watch Raven finally decided to make his move and steal a kiss catching Thea completely off guard. Raven also agreed to help Thea practice her Elvin as to hide her Drow heritage. After a couple more nights though, Raven and Thea took it to the next level waking up part of the camp with noises of passion. Mithanu had to get up to tell them to shut up while Raven just yelled back saying in a minute.

The day after the love birds had their fun, the camp woke up to another kill, but this time it was by Estalon. It took the form of a girl named Lilith awhile ago as to have a way to follow them. The kill was the same guy who Mithanu tried to set up earlier in the week and the scene was a picnic with the guy sitting down ready to eat. On each plat was one of the guys organs and a cryptic message in the middle saying “Here are some treats for your friends. Remember to Share!” This was a message referring to Nackle and Trish talking about Mithanu hiding treats. It was also a message to let them know he is watching and listening to them along with the fact that he knows who Mithanu really is. Thanks to Raven and Thea talking to a friend of Lilith’s they not only found this girl was also missing, but they found tracks to follow. Raven even found some tracks that where attempted to be hidden leading away from the scene that had a different size. This eventually lead them to the conclusion that the copycat was a doppelganger.

After this it was decided that more of them needed to be on watch at night and Mithanu made it a goal to get to know Liliths friend who is named Emma. Emma is a very shy girl who is seen as a freak to the rest of the town. She enjoys drawing cryptic pictures of death and is not much for socializing. Mithanu feeling drawn to her, decided to take her own as a student. Trish thinking she owned these guys and Emma didn’t ask permission to spend time with Mithanu, was not ok with this new girl. Emma being the shy girl she is, tried to avoid Trish. Mithanu had to pretty much tell Trish she needed to back off. Aww Mithanu actually likes someone. His interest in this girl also got Thea curious about her, especially when it was learned that Emma was good at throwing daggers. So one of the nights Thea spent some time with her to teach her how to use a bow. Oh and I should also mention that Emma had a bully, so Mithanu took it upon himself to get her to mess with this bully by drawing on her face. He also fulled the fire by spreeing rumors about this girl and making it seem like Emma was doing it.

During all this Nackle found out that Marry Sue was pregnant with Mithanu’s baby. Nackle feeling Mithanu didn’t care about Marry Sue and would make a terrible father, he took it upon himself to fake a relationship with Marry Sue to pretend the baby was his instead in order to keep Mithanu away from the child. Marry Sue though being the kind of girl she is talked Nackle into having some real fun since she can’t really get knocked up again. The only reason Trish allowed any of this to happen is because Nackle told her the plan, but he never did tell her he got lucky for real. Maybe a good thing.

Latter on in the second week, Raven and Thea had some more fun, but then directly afterwards ran into some trouble with a Drow from Thea’s pass. In an attempt to kill Thea the drow caught her and tried to poison and kill her. Raven wasn’t having that though. He fought the guy until he let Thea go. Sadly Thea still became poisoned and Raven not knowing that she was just poisoned and not killed, had a fire ignite within him giving him the power to take this guy out in flames. By the time everyone got to them, the guy was dead and Raven was finally calming down realizing Thea had only been poisoned.. The rest of the night he spent time practicing his new ability.

Finally after two weeks they entered the city of Bangton! Raven gave a small amount of gold to all the towns people to help get them started and then it was shopping time. During Ravens talks with Thea they had been coming up with a plan to get rid of the Reavers once and for all. Now that they where somewhere where they could actually research caves and and what it would take to bring one down, they had a lot of work in front of them.

Nackle helped them with some plans, but he wanted to get Marry to a doctor to make sure the baby was healthy. All went well, but afterwords she chose to go hang out with her friends parting from Nackle. But it’s ok, Nackle got to run into an old friend named Tanasha or as some of us like to call her, the fox chick from Ossington. The rest of the day he spent time with her until it was time to head to the inn. Strangely enough though Marry never showed up. Worried he went looking for her and found out from her friends that she went off with some hansom guy and never came back. Worried, Nackle looked around for her, but eventually gave up and went to bed.

Now back to Raven and Thea. After shopping Thea asked Raven if he wanted to go out to a bar and get a few drinks. So while at the bar when Raven went to go get them something to drink, Thea got hit on by some good looking elf. Raven slowly walked back to the table trying to listen. Thea pretty much told this guy she was on a date with a guy she liked and that she wasn’t interested. The guy was persistent though, especially realizing Thea was not ‘claimed’ by her date. Raven eventually came back to the table scaring the guy off by burning his arm slightly. After this guy ran off, Raven and Thea had an interesting conversation about making this exclusive and how ownership works. We wont get into all that though. Lets just say after she got nice and drunk and he got a little drunk they went back to their room in the hotel and proceeded to have a lot of fun. Once the fun finally ended Thea passed out, but not before accidentally saying a certain four letter word that left Raven conflicted.

Raven and Thea where not exactly quiet, but there where two others who where far louder. We can back up first. After getting into the city and taking Emma shopping, Mithanu went out looking for work finding it in the black market with a certain mob boss. He was tasked with a job to take out five people in order to steel there voting cards so that Zaphresz (the mob boss) could get his guy elected. This was a tricky task though because all five people need to be believed to still be going to the party and two of them where coming in from out of town. After negotiating a pay, he took the job and took the rest of the day to do some research. That night when he came back to his room he decided to go through the window and right as he got to the window he saw Emma and Abby (the bully) arguing. They where to quiet to really hear what about, but in the very next second before he could open the window he saw Emma stab Abby repeatedly soaking the carpet with Abby’s blood. It was now that he came into the room. Emma was in complete shock as to what she had done. Mithanu, deciding to help Emma tried to get Emma to get a hold of herself and got her go to the bathroom to clean up. He told her not to leave while he then took the body and set it up somewhere in a bad area of the city to make it look like Abby had just been mugged. Coming back to the room he found Emma still in shock and had to help her get cleaned up some. Then it was the task to figure out what to do with the blood stained carpet. Mithanu decided to tear it up and then wreck up the place to just make it look like they just trashed the room. He took the carpet outside and burned it. Next was the task to make enough noise so people would complain enough for everyone to believe the story. Emma really had no idea what sort of noises she was supposed to be making, so Mithanu kept yelling at her to be louder. This got them into a bit of an argument. Oh by the way, Mithanu also gave her some liquor to help calm her which she drank a bit too much of. Somehow she ended up on the bed embarrassed and not too sure what to do, so she asked him “Why are the helping me?” He got in really close and told her “Because I’m like you”. Emma already having a crush on Mithanu and now seeing him for what he was, she kissed him as passionately as she could (with this being her first kiss and all). He took this as an invitation to make her make noises for real. We don’t have to get into the details after that (out of game I will just say Mithanu made his attribute be strength for this act). the next day they where both obviously kicked out of the hotel, but at least the story was believable.

Nackle took Tanasha out for breakfast to meet Trish which didn’t go so well and then afterwords spent the rest of the day looking for Mary Sue who was still missing. After a long day of searching he dropped Tanasha off and then went back to his room finding who he thought to be Marry Sue at the door. She agreed to explain everything to Nackle the next day over breakfast. So he let her inside and cuddled with her. After he fell asleep she snuck out of his arms and took a vile of blood out of her bag to use to write a message saying “I know your secret and now so will he”. She then left to let Nackle wake up on his own to find the message. Nackle was able to read this and eventually come to the conclusion that the Marry he slept next to that night was very likely the doppelganger. He went and woke up Thea and Raven to come help him figure out what he should do. They ended up going out looking for Marry. Nackle cast some spells helping him find the body in an alleyway where investigators had already arrived on the scene.

What they didn’t know was that Mithanu had found the body earlier. This was the original scene. Marry was put in a nightgown with her blood from the stomach soaking the gown. She held a trash bag with the fetus inside along with other parts from her over a trash can. On the wall written in blood it read “I noticed you didn’t want them, so I took out your trash” Mithanu putting together the pieces that she was pregnant with his child, he saw this as a favor and decided to leave the body where it stood only removing the message so no one could link it back to him. He went back to his new hotel room and told Emma what happened accidentally telling her that he was the scene killer. She was surprised, but then admitted to him of her own dark fantasies of wanting to kill and see people bleed out. He also learned that Emma had killed once before Abby. She killed her abusive father during the raiding when people where running away from the goblin and Reaver problems.

Nackle was so upset to find her body and feeling like it was all his fault not realizing Marry was only killed because Mithanu obviously didn’t want her. So he went to see Trish deciding he didn’t want to put Tanasha in danger. This lead to Olweesha telling Trish she needed to go for it and then the two finally getting it on. Oh and now there may be a future half Gnome half elf walking around.

The next day Raven decided to talk to Mithanu about Marry and the message that was left for Mithanu, basically letting Mithanu know what Nackle had been up to. Lucky for Nackle, Mithanu was surprised, but not angry about it.

Another day and Raven still conflicted about his feelings for Thea and Thea definitely pretending she didn’t say anything that first night in the city, Raven decides to jump out their window during breakfast while Thea tried to follow in nighties and a robe (lots of weird looks). She followed him to a church where he talked to a Cleric about getting a guise removed (as much as he could talk about it) so that he could speak freely. Father Aurick agreed to help him and then after listened to Ravens story asked Raven to come back each day so that he could help him get on a better path. Thea just stood there awkwardly. A- she was in a rob trying to cover up and B- she wasn’t really the religious type. After leaving he took Thea back to the hotel where she got dressed and then went to the roof where Raven felt it was safer to talk. He then confronted her about what she had said that one night. Her trying to go backwards and saying how she didn’t mean to say it and how it doesn’t really matter, only found out that to Raven it did matter and that he felt the same way. She tried to push him away by telling him how dangerous it would be for him to love her, but none of that worked and the two finally admitted they loved each other. But of course she had to end it with a joke saying “I guess that promise of you not killing me just got extended”.

Now lets go back to Mithanu and Emma. These two where getting closer by the minute as they where pretending to be a couple. Mithanu’s way of doing that was to do all the things a couple is supposed to do. Emma just felt all kinds of confused seeing how she did like him, but she knew he was only pretending to be with her. Mithanu also took time to help her pick out a new kill and taught her how to do it properly. Mithanu was obviously growing feelings (as much of feelings as a sociopath can at least) for her, but was trying to hide them from her. After she finally got to kill again and got to really enjoy her blood lust he could no longer control his feelings and so they finally made love, but still weren’t saying anything. It wasn’t till the next day when he took her to the rooftop to watch the sunset that they finally admitted their feelings. Aww two crazy psychopaths in love.

And now it is time for the party! During the two weeks leading up to the party Mithanu did a lot of research on the three living in Bangton and took each of them out only a day or two beforehand. He also spoke with Raven to try to get some help with the two coming into town, unaware that Raven was having a change of heart. Raven agreed to it, but was under the impression that they would just be kidnapping them. After the talk with Raven, Mithanu decided to later go alone to the roof and ask his doppelganger friend to help by making these people appear to be there. He could only hope the doppelganger was listening. Estalon had other plans, but decided if Mithanu needed his help, he would try to help if he could.

The plan to take the two out was a bit tricky, but they manged to pull it off by making them sick and then kidnapping them throwing them into someones cellar. Mithanu accidentally uncaringley killed one of them though. When they got back they found Trish had went crazy and fireballed Tanasha (accidentally killing two bystanders) and then left and more importantly that Thea lost Emma when Emma went to the bathroom. The rest of the night they spent looking for Emma and soon realizing that the Doppelganger took her. Nackle eventually went to sleep in order to gain some spells so he could track her down using the necklace that Mithanu gave her. This lead them right to her sleeping body. Estalon even put a blanket on her to keep her warm. After Nackle removed the poison from her, Mithanu spoke with her shortly only to realize Emma had a lot more to talk to him about when the others weren’t so close by.

They took her back to Mithanu’s and Emma’s hotel room. Mithanu and Raven left for a moment to have a heart to heart realizing neither of them where exactly loyal to the tribe and they both where wanting to get rid of Alana (she was not happy about this).

Raven and Thea then left to go get the rest of their stuff and that’s when raven deiced to hit Thea with a bombshell. That being the truth about Mithanu. This lead to a very unhappy Thea who decided she needed to do some serious thinking. Thinking as in going to the roof, throwing some shit around, and screaming at the top of her lungs, and then thinking and realizing she was being a hypocrite and that it was time to tell Raven her darkest secret. Raven however thinking she was never coming back threw his own temper tantrum destroying the room and then starting a fire as he left. Good thing they had things to help detect fires in buildings so they could put it out in time. Thea proceeded to check them out and apologize for the fire as she left to go find Raven. He didn’t go too far, just wondering around trying to get drunk and failing (stupid high fort lol). After finding him she took him to an abandoned house to talk privately with him telling him the story of how she was responsible for her mothers tribe dying due to Reavers. After their chat once again realizing how much alike they really where they agreed to allow Mithanu to live, but Thea told Raven as soon as they had what they needed from him, she wanted Mithanu dead. So yeah, they had their first fight (not a typical first fight, but hey what are you going to do?) and then got to have so makeup time.

During all this Mithanu talked with Emma learning the doppleganger didn’t hurt her and only was looking for information. So he went to the roof to try to call the doppleganger out to talk to him. Finally this worked. So for the first time the GM got to play Estalon (which Mithanu learned was his name) and oh man it was interesting playing something so evil. He found out why Estalon was obsessed with him and how he knew who Mithanu was. He also found that Estalon had information about the chaos soldiers and the Reavers. Which he was all too happy to give over. Mithanu was obviously upset with him and asked Estalon to leave his friends alone. Estalon agreed, but also warned Mithanu that none of them can be trusted other then Emma. Especially Raven. After this heart to hear Mithanu decided to do something about his problem of not knowing who to trust, but we won’t get into what he did here ;)

After coming back and settling down while Emma went back to sleep, Raven and Thea came back. Thea waited in the hallway while Mithanu and Raven went into a vacant room to have a chat. Mithanu still not completely convinced Raven meant harm on Mithanu, told Raven tons of information that Estalon had given him. Including that Estalon had Ravens tribe killed and has his sister alive stashed away somewhere. So now Raven having no reason to keep Mithanu alive and pissed that the Doppleganger did this, he decided it was time for Mithanu to die. Mithanu however decided not to fight back (making Galanti almost feel guilty). Thea had to convince a few people waking up to go to work that nothing was going on while when the people left banging on the door asking what was going on. Ultimately after finally getting in and finding out Mithanu’s friend killed Ravens entire tribe, she decided to help by cleaning up the mess and hiding the body. Raven took Mithanu’s head though and cut off the ear where the earring was as to be careful not to touch it. While Thea did the cleaning and the hiding, Raven took the earring to father Aurick hoping he could help. Sadly Aurick had no idea what kind of magic was within this earring and suggested to Raven that he needed to find Vers somehow. He believed Vers would know how to destroy it safely.

Oh by the way. Emma is gone and so is hers and Mithanu’s bag. I wonder what happened there ;)

So during all this craziness what was Nackle off doing? He being dismissed by Mithanu decided to go to a tavern across the street where some people where still up talking about the two people who died. Turns out the two Trish killed where newly weds who ran a homeless shelter. feeling bad he talked with the people and decided he would find a way to resurrect them. So off he marched to find a church and not just any church, but the Chapel of Cayden which looked like something between a bar and a chapel where Nackle met a Cleric named Sir Kail who ran this establishment. After hearing the story of the two love birds tragically meeting their end, he decided to help Don Juan (Nackles new name) and so they marched up to a store where Kail woke up his ‘friend’ and asked him to sell them some diamonds. They managed to get a nice discount and Kail even pitched in. Next they went to the morgue where they talked to a woman about wanting to have these two resurrected. She handed them the paperwork and told him who she needed to sign it. Mainly family and the captain of the guards to confirm they had no criminal background. Nackle and Kail happily took the task and marched around the city to get the signatures they needed while also gaining a horde of people behind them all intrigued by what Nackle was doing. Good deeds like this do not happen every day. Eventually all is set and the two are once again apart of this world. So afterwords, Kail invites Nackle to hang out with him so he can teach him things and offers to throw a party in his name.

So then, that is where we leave off for now. How much crazier will all this get? Who knows, I stopped really planning awhile ago lol.

Let It Burn!

After surviving the Reavers, Nackle realizes that his leg is not healing with healing spells and determines that the Reavers infected him with a disease. The wound was spreading, becoming blackened, and making the limb unusable. Right after Raven suggest amputating his leg they hear a voice from the shadows, but do not see anyone. She tells them that amputation may not be needed and that she may be able to help. She then tells them that she is only coming out of hiding if they promise not to kill her on sight. This leads t Raven asking her if she is a Drow. She says no, but Raven and Mathanu definitely since hesitation in her voice. None the less, they agree not to kill her.

They carefully take Nackle to the tavern where everyone else is staying and have recently been through a Reaver attack. Here they learn the strangers name is Thea and that the Reavers are somewhat fire resistant along with the fact that the fire is actually drawing more of them to this town. Thea preforms surgery on the leg carefully cutting the wound trying like hell not to cut anything that would permanently damage the leg. During her doing this Mathanu and Raven decide their best bet at helping these people is to burn the whole town down and move these people somewhere else, which they proceed to do that very night.

The next day they have a town meeting and ultimately decide the safest place to take these people is Bangton. They chose to hike around the lake on the opposite side of where the goblins are. They have roughly a week-week and a half of travel time. The very first night met with hilariousness while Mathanu tried to go make a kill to feed his hungry artifact and Nackle and Trish decide Mathanu is sneaking treats and that they must stop him while waking up everyone in the process.

So in the week ahead Mathanu is struggling with a hungry artifact and in need to make a kill while Nackle tries to stop him at every tun, Raven is trying to come up with a plan to get rid of the Reavers by possibly burning down a tainted forest full of poison and luring those of power to this forest, and then Raven and Nackle both flirting with the pretty elf lady Thea, and possibly finding out more information to her backstory.

Now the GM has to actually go build a session for next week because her players have possibly changed the entire campaign from what she thought it was going to be about. I have to say, good job guys.

Playing with fire, then huggles (chomp chomp)

After spending a long day searching, burning, and teaching, the group prepared for night fall. They helped the city build a fire around their building to help keep the Revers away. Due to Carla putting a bit of fear into them, they pretended to leave as soon as the fire was built. Mathanu, Nackle, and Trish laid low in a house near the Goblin side of the city while Raven waited near Carla’s home to see if the Revers make a visit to her since they can’t get to the towns people just yet.

After waiting for a bit, Raven got creative. He lit some arrows on fire and started shooting at the roof of her house setting it on fire. If the Revers are having trouble finding them, then this should help out. Carla and her Solders had to move to a new house and weren’t having any luck finding the culprit. Raven decided to continue his burning of her houses until they where moved to a one story house. A tired and frustrated Carla was about had it when the Revers finally did show up. Carla and her men took all their frustration out on these creatures killing them with ease. Raven saw her at one point seem to cast something and then everything around her just dropping. Before leaving Raven set this house on fire too.

Before the Revers attacked Carla, Raven made a visit to his comrades to let them know they need to move houses as there are a lot of houses on fire around the area. They packed their things and began their search for a new location to hide out. After walking for about ten minutes more Revers came out of the shadows ready to comp down. Mathanu heard them in time and ran inside a building. Poor Trish and Nackle didn’t make it in time and got surrounded. With some spells Trish managed to stay one step ahead of the Revers, but poor Nackle finally met him match and the Revers went in for their kill. Just in time Raven showed up ready to help once he got an idea as to what was going on. Sadly he couldn’t see Nackle so close to death, but lucky for them Raven developed what seemed to be a stalker as someone from the roof tops began taking out the Revers hurting Nackle right after Raven made his first shot.

Now that the group has survived, what will they do with this new stranger that seems to of come from out of no where?

Back To Basics

After a Goblin attack where Trish mentally tangled a bunch of Goblins on webs and the GM decided she had a found a new spell to hate, Raven over heard Carla and Jerome talking. Seems she is really pushing him to get the remainder of the people in the city to agree to her terms and turn them into solders. Raven suddenly had a moment of deciding to give a damn and decided to knock. Once Carla left him and Jerome started discussing another option for the town and explaining why fallowing a possible evil cult is a very bad idea. They later gathered the group to talk over the plans. Oh and the group now has an additional member, Elf, the raven, Nackles new pet.

Once a plan had been talked over they gathered the people of the city, told them to go pack their things and move into the Tavern. They explained to these people that if they are to stay here they would need to start sticking together. I believe once everyone finished gathering their things and their families we ended up with around 55 people in the tavern. (feel free to correct me if you remember).

That night Revers attempted to attack the tavern, but with the group casting light, the Revers found this magical light alarming and new. They became braver and braver trying to brake the shudders from a distance and then getting closer and closer to the light realizing it wasn’t hurting them. But day became too close and it’s a long hike back home, so they left.

The next day the group began their mission to help save these people. They began by searching the houses on the Revers side of the city and burning down what they didn’t need. Nackle and Trish went through every person testing them for Divine powers and Arcane casting abilities. They found 2 of each. At some point Carla made a visit and had a talk with Mathanu. He made the mistake of being a smart ass to her and so she told him that him and his group needed to be gone before the end of the day or else. She actually managed to scare him. So now they need to start figuring out what to do about Carla and her Chaos Solders.

A Town In Peril

The group finally made it to the town, but this town is in terrible shape. From one side of the forest they have goblins attacking and from the other side at night the shadows are attacking. They’re only hope was to maybe make a deal with the Solders Of Chaos to protect them. At least until now.

When the group came in feeding them and not asking much of anything in return other then a building to stay in, these people gained a new form of hope. Maybe they have another option. But the real question is whether or not our group of semi evil adventures actually care about helping these people.

That night during watch, Trish decided to hang out on the roof of the building they where staying in. This building just happened to be one of the tallest in town, so you could see pretty much everything from here. After some time she noticed shadowy figures moving into town at a fast speed, so she sent her bird out to see what these things were. The bird came back afraid for its life. What it saw was a creature that was horrifying in appearance murdering a child, among other things.

Trish quickly went inside to tell the others what had been seen and they all went to investigate. Fallowing the trail of blood and then the sounds out into the dark fields, they managed to sneak up on one while it finished it’s meal and kill it before it knew what was happening. After all was said and done, they learned that these so called shadows where actually Reavers. Reavers are supposed to be a thing of stories that parents tell there children so they don’t wonder into dark caves. No one has ever said to of actually seen one, at least not until now.

The next day while deciding what to do, Mathanu made a lady friend whom he found out some interesting details about the mysterious death that he knows to be the copy cat scene killer.

So then as our session comes to an end what will they do? Will the group go and fight these goblins? Will they try to go after the Reavers? Or what about these Solders of Chaos? And we can’t forget the reason they came in the first place, to find the copycat Scene Killer.

Nackle Made A Kill, Time To Pay Up!

At the end of last session out group found a trap. Nackle and Trish almost walked right into it thanks to their traveling buddies. Raven went ahead and set it off with a stick. Some Goblin Dogs not too far away heard the noise and came running to find nothing trapped, but many tasty humanoids to kill. Thanks to the GM forgetting they where mounted and giving the dogs hast for three rounds, the party almost died. Eventually Nackle and Trish finally dazed and fire balled the dogs causing a forest fire and Mathanu’s death. Thankfully Mathanu has a friend helping him stay alive and a hero point on hand. But because he should had died and it was due to Nackle’s wonderful fireball, Mathanu had to put up to Raven. Oh did I mention there was a small forest fire in all this?

The group sadly lost all their horses and had to back track and steal from the poor travelers that have been attacked and scared. In this, Mathanu and Raven killed four more of their people. If these people survive to the next town it will a miracle.

Pranks Will Be Had

In our first session we picked up right where we left off. The group was stuck in Bangton after Lord Coraway was murdered by the serial killer. The authorities wanted to keep the group for questioning and wanted to be sure it wasn’t one of them, since they where the ones to find the body.

During the first week Thrawn left on a hunt for the killer. He was allowed to leave since he and his partner are lead investigators. They got a tip that the killer could be in Fellet. Not long after he left Munchkin got a note and left with a mysterious stranger during the night. Raven promptly told authorities and let them know that he believed Munchkin could had been the killer.

During the next week Raven got to meet the energetic and chaotic Trish. He promptly introduced her to Nackle which lead to a light show and lots of drinking in the bar area of the restraint on the first floor of their hotel. Mathanu was told to check this out by Raven and so after seeing the pretty light he tried to nicely ask Nackle to stop. This somehow lead them to a prank war (that is still on going) in Mathanu’s room and them all leaving after words since they caused some water damage to the hotel. This group is off to a great start!

After the second week authorities got word from Thrown that there had been another murder by the scene killer in Fellet and they they should release the group immediately. Also thanks to Raven, Thrown and his partner believe Munchkin could be an accomplice to the killer. So he was generously reworded for his in-tell.

After Mathanu convinced the group to chase after this killer they began their journey to Fellet. They chose to take the longer rout through the forest. They ran into a group after the half way point. This group was scared and tired due to being attached by goblins. So Mathanu convinced the group that they where dangerous and made a kill on one of these poor travelers.

Goblin Dogs From Hell

Earth. Fire. Air. Water.

Long ago, Mithanu lived happily. But everything changed when he met the gnome named Nackel. It seemed the gnome was determined to kill Mithanu with all four elements, then finally, take his head.

So we fought goblin dogs with souped up collars. They sucked. Mithanu didn’t even get to draw his weapon. That sucked. Nackel almost caused a forest fire. That almost sucked. Then we killed some commoners and stole their horses. That sucked for them.


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