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Darastrix- Ruled by Dragonborn, this country is considered the most powerful county in the world. They have aligned with good Dragons, the country Maren, and with the Circle Tower Of Magi which is a group of the most powerful and successful wizards and other various mage’s. The Tower Circle Of Magi also helps fund the Magi Academy located in Maren. There is much about this country that is still to this day kept secrete.

Maren- The most diverse country in this world and the largest. This country doesn’t really have one ruler, but instead a group of people who rule these lands together. There are 10 people given this task and every time one of them dies a new person is appointed by a jury of the utmost respected in this country. This country also has no real military. With three of the people in leadership positions that belong the Tower Circle Magi, they feel a military is not needed as they can just call on the wizards. Not to mention they have very close ties to Darastrix. Most adventures are from here or have traveled here at lest once in their lives.

Elan- This country is split between Elves and Goblinoid creatures. The Elves however have severely out populated the Goblinoids in recent times and have pretty much taken over. The history is still being worked on.

Islands (Krake, Treck, and Mosh)- The three islands have been to war many times. Usually because Treck wants to make them all one country, but the others refuse. Mosh, being the one furthest south, is covered almost entirely in swamps and Mosh. This island has three volcanoes evenly spree out among the island. They haven’t been active in a very long time. This island has a fantastic research team that is underground. Few know the location. Treck, the island to the right is more of a rich country. A lot of creatures find this island a perfect vacation spot because of the beautiful beaches and how well kept the land is. There is only one volcano here located on the left side. It has been active in the past, but because of it’s small size it has never been an issue as long as you stay clear. Krake is consumed almost completely by jungles. For a long time it was a very poor country due to it’s lost kingdom. (more on that later)

Praetoria- The land in which make up this country is sensitive to influence from the outer planes, to the great misfortune of its inhabitants. Many years ago this land was anathema to all people, nomads, convicts, settlers, everyone avoided this land because of its tendency to drive men insane from nightmares and exposure to evil auras. The cause of this lies in the lands unfortunate positioning in the architecture of the multiverse. Praetoria exists in nexus point in which portals to the outer plane of Abaddon (neutral evil) are easily and spontaneously created. Thanks to a great psychic, today Praetoria stands a mighty police state in this constant battle between the evil influences of daemons, gods of chaos and destruction, and that of reason and progress. Everything in the country is for a purpose, waste is a crime. Cities are populated by the millions in high concentrations to leave the best lands for farming and the best resources for industry.

Irinia- A nation of pirates, nomads, and hateful climates. The pirates are the blame of society. The nomads, a blame of the pirates. The climate, however, is solely the blame of the Skyfrost Mountains. However to the east is established numerous small, ragged port cities where power and wealth reign supreme. Those whom the lawless deem unfit for their cities are left to wander the narrow strip of fertile land between the northern border and the encroaching sands of the desert. Some of these people, cast out for being weak, banded together in friendship to create well-defended cities. The others, cast out not for their weakness, but for their undesirability even among the outlaws, band together into raiding parties which terrorize the cities of the north, and the nomads to the south. Where or how the bandits survive is unknown.

Mestra- These lands are beautiful and have tons of resources. Because it is located directly above Irinia, it has had to constantly deal with Irinia’s pirates and raiding parties. This has lead Mestra to war a few times with Irinia, but because Irinia has so little control over the issue nothing has ever been solved through war. The rest of the History is still being worked on. (This country is still open for back story ideas as long as it fits what is already written)

Frestan and Shiva- Few people actually live in these countries. The weather is ridiculously cold as they are both located at the polls. Not a lot is known. Some believe there are people who live underground here but no one has ever proven it. The few who do travel to these parts travel for resources or research. No one ever stays too long though. There are also creatures that live here that are said to be extremely dangerous. Sad that no one has even seen one and lived to talk about it.

1 country is unknown and can be used for back stories for PC’s. See map http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/edar-/maps/28262

More info may be acquired about the world based on back stories and dice rolls.


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