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There was one older man who was suspicious to the group traveling with the merchants and other various people. No one really knows for sure if this could had been him or if the killer was someone else. (PC’s who know this is Nackle and Mithanu)


Throughout The Standing Stones there was a serial killer who had a particular habit of setting up his victims in a scene. As if maybe a scene from a play or their life or maybe it was a piece of art. Whatever the reason he has gained the name of the Scene Killer. In the game there was also some who were killed in a more sloppy since. As if maybe there could be two. That information the public does not have so the only ones who know about there possibly being two killers is the members of the party who were there during that part, which would be Nackle and Mithanu. Thrawn and Munchkin also knew this but they left the party since that happened.


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