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Creating Your Character

Starting at level 10

Starting Gold- 62,000gp (those with returning characters just subtract the difference between what you have and that amount. If it’s more please tell me). If it is easier for you, you may just drop all items from what your character had last game and rebuy stuff.

Ability points- 25 points pg.16 CRB. You may roll instead but if the average is 12.85 or higher you can not switch back to point buy. If you are rolling roll 4 dice, re roll ones, and then drop the lowest number.

Two free traits pg.326

Everyone starts with 1 hero point. If you hand in a back story you can add a second. Supplying your own mini will also grant you a hero point. No more than three without the feat and you can only get them with a new level, you bring something to share for game, impress me in game, or impress me out of game (but for the game). pg.322

All Pathfinder books are approved. If you want something third party it’s not an instant no, but I do need to see it first. The MIC and PHB from D&D is mostly approved for items btw. My only thing is if you want something that clashes with Pathfinder rules please talk to me so we can fix it.


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